Request - Elastic Search


This seems like the perfect application for lots of small servers with chunky amounts of SSD. Would be nice to have more ram in the nodes, but 2GB is a start, SSD helps, and maybe the C2/etc will have more ram.



We already offer elastic search in the ELK InstantApp which contains Elastic, Logstash and Kibana.
Did you tried it?


Thanks, I’ll look at it! I saw something about it but didn’t realize what it was or that it was hosted here. I didn’t guess from the description that it wasn’t just for logs.


I just tried out the ELK instantapp (only for a minute though) and looked at the FAQ about it, but I had hoped for something more geared towards automatic setup of a multi-server Elastic system. The Instantapp looks more single server. If there is a multi-server optionin the ELK setup, it would be great if the FAQ mentioned it and linked to further info. Otherwise maybe it’s a more complicated packaging task but it really seems like a good use case for Scaleway.

FWIW, I ran Solr on a 5 server x86 setup with about 1TB of text indexed, but there was a lot of manual configuration etc. My dream would be to click on a Scaleway instantapp saying I wanted to run Elastic on 10 or 20 C1’s and have it spin them all up and deploy automatically, and be able to increase or decrease the cluster size dynamically. I know Elastic itself is better setup for that than Solr but haven’t looked into exactly how to do it.