Reliability of Scaleway


Hello community, hello staff:

I am watching the development of Scaleway since a few years and have always been hoping to be able to use it’s services in the future. My main interest has always been the affordable bare metal servers and I was glad to see a company that seemed to have understood that there are people outside who do need affordable machines on demand without hypervisors.

You have offered small bare metal servers in a price range that normal people (no companies with huge budget) could pay for. Now those machines have vanishes without any explanation. Machines for around 10$ per month have been replaced by monster machines that are not needed by a huge part of the customer base and that cost “only” 200$ a month.

You have raised the bar at a factor of 20 and you do not even talk about this.

The only reason ever imagining to get your customer has been those affordable bare metal machines. Now you play in the AWS league. Congratulations. Why use you anymore? You offer nearly the same like AWS…

I think I will NEVER understand why people are unable to understand their own differences from other people and why they eliminate them in order to be not even indistinguishable from their competition.

Example? Google Cloud has nearly the same pricing as AWS has. And now claim they will get a bigger market share than AWS in only a few years. I know what a key idea could be: They could lower traffic costs by an order of magnitude. But they will not. And they will not beat AWS. Not if they do not decide to make anything completely different and first of all BETTER.

So, Scaleway: Any idea what many of your customers need? Any idea why you have been interesting for many people? Any idea why you are not interesting any more?

Maybe you overthink your strategy, stick to it and never deviate from it again. THEN someone could be able to see you as a serious alternative for all those other companies all offering the same bullshit at much too elevated price levels.

THE idea of cloud should ALWAYS have been the access to bare metal servers. Instead this idiotic AWS monster crippled the best idea of all by implementing the idea in everyone’s brains that “cloud” had something to do with “computers you don’t control in ANY way”. And we have swallowed this. Most of us. This is so stupid I do not have words for it. We need small bare metal servers, middle sized ones and huge ones. We do not need images by our cloud providers and first of all we do not need being nothing more than their idiots not getting any freedom but paying huge bills, first of all for moving some bytes. Imagine: At AWS you still pay around 10 cent for a single gigabyte. No change in more than 10 years - it is so extremely unbelievable…

And I really had hoped there could be people on this planet who habe realized this absolute failure of the whole cloud idea, “invented” by AWS.

Cloud is (or should be): Access to bare metal servers of all sizes on demand at affordable prices and therefore being able to scale the ressources as needed. Cloud has nothing to do with “services” - it’s about rentable HARDWARE on demand and adapted to one’s current compute and storage needs.

Services are ADDITIONAL, nothing more. First the base, then the addons. Right?

Kind regards.

Volker Jung


You make excellent points. But customers like me will chose smaller companies - and several of them. Single sourcing is a Bad Idea no matter how big you are, and I would advise anyone to shy away from AWS and Google. Most of the internet is controlled by 3 companies: Google, Facebook, and Amazon - in that order.

For KVM and container offerings, I also like But you are correct, the affordable bare metal servers were unique to scaleway.

For ARM bare metal, I just have some rPi3s (in cases with fans) sitting on a shelf. Sure, I have to manually plug in ethernet and USB to hook up net and storage, but it’s still “on demand”. I also have an entry level Dell server. Total UPS time 45 mins. Still, not nearly as reliable as Scaleway - and they aren’t exactly the gold standard of reliability (e.g. IPv6 has been down for 2 weeks on my Paris node).


Hi, sdgathman,

what I really need is nested virtualization - as noone (for security reasons) enables nested virtualization on his hypervisor machines I am interested in bare metal. Or do you know a company offering nested virtualization?

Maybe it’s time to start an own company offering a cloud that does not try to betray it’s customers with every single action they take. They make their customers addicted what I believe is the opposite of what the customer wants. No idea why there is no fight against this practise by some players. We all accept that they betray us and steel the real idea behind the cloud. they are like drug dealers not like people that have something to rent and get a reasonable payment for this.

When you look at AWS you find a thousand products - but not a single one you can host a free small system with that can be paid by normal people.

Maybe it’s really time for something new…

Thanks for your reply!

@Scaleway: Accusing the cloud companies as betrayers points much more to the big companies. Only partly that points to small companies, too. But to some extent it is true for all conventional cloud providers that claim to offer freedom and in really don’t have any clue what freedom is all about…