Reinstall/Reset a Scaleway instance



it would be great if we could have an easy (and free of charges) way to reinstall or reset an instance. As a dev, and contributor to some server-based open-source software, I need to reset my instance quite often.

The problem with Scaleway is that the only way to “reinstall” is to delete an instance, and open another one with the same (or different) OS. As discussed on this topic, this procedure have to main disadvantage:

  • It cost money, as you have to close an instance and reset the “500 hours” cap, pay for double hourly fee (one time for the closed instance, another time for the new one), eventually pay for the data volume snapshot creation (not sure if this is still a thing).

  • You cannot be sure that the same instance is still in stock, thus having a far greater downtime than with a normal reinstall/reset.

How could it be done :

  • Make the name of the OS (example : Fedora 29) clickable on the detail page.
  • Click on it would open a popever with the list of available OS (like in the instance creation page)
  • Click on an image would open a confirmation windows asking if the old volume should be erased, or another one created (and the old one left unattached, for data recovery purpose)
  • Accepting would launch the reinstall procedure.


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Heyo @Scaleway any updates on this?