Reinstall OS


Please make a function to reinstall the OS without deleting the server. In the panel and through the API.

How to reinitialize a server?


It’s already possible:

  • create a snapshot of the system you want to reinstall
  • go to your server’s page, and detach nbd0
  • attach the snapshot

We need a free-of-charge solution, like other providers have. The way you suggest is too expensive: 0.02 EUR for new server + 0.5 EUR for a snapshot creation + 0.002 EUR for the one-hour snapshot storage. It’s too expensive for such basic action as operating system reinstallation. Please, implement a simple free-of-charge API function for OS reinstallation.

P.S.: I also have no clue as to why should I be charged 0.5 EUR for a snapshot creation. It’s not like it creates much of a load on your equipment, and I still pay for every hour of storage.


I agree and the reinstall should keep the server ip, im not sure how the scaleway ip pool works.

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Remember that you have to reserve an ip to no lose it on reinstall so you are also charged 0.002/hr per ip…


i mean 0.004/hr per ip


Hi @nathanrod and @MyVPS,

To reinstall the OS, you simply need to:

  • Terminate the previous server
  • Start a new server with the Image you want and using the reserved IP attached to your previous server.

There is no additional cost, this will only cost the normal fees related to a running server with a reserved IP.

All public IPs are reserved IPs by default.


“Each resource is billed per hour up to its monthly cap. The monthly cost of a resource is calculated by running the hourly rate for 500 hours. If a resource is used during more than 500 continuous hours in the month, the rest of the month is free.”

1 month = 740 hours

If you do a reinstallation on the last day of the month, we will pay for your server in one and a half times more than 10 euros!

All modern cloud providers one month = 700-720 hours.


When i delete a server and create a new one in a matter of seconds the same ip is assigned. That means that a new server will get the last removed ip from my account?, can you explain how the ip pool works when we aren’t using reserved ips?.


Look at your network tab, you will see all your unused ip you already used :stuck_out_tongue: delete them (to not get charged) or select them at the creation of a server

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I do agree that this would be a useful service. I am a person who distro hops very frequently, so I think having a simple button somewhere in the interface that allows you to quickly re-image an instance in a moment would be incredibly useful. I know that you can just turn off one server, then recreate another one with the same IP, but as others pointed out, this would probably cause a billing issue. I don’t know how your billing works, but if I understand it correctly, if I ran a server just until it hit the 3 euro cap, then I recreated it with a different image, that would not be recognized by billing as the same server, so I would end up getting charged 3 euros for the original server, plus the remaining uptime for the rest of the month. Something should be implemented to avoid this somehow.


Please could an admin let us know how things work on the billing front for re-imaging an existing server, as @ColtonDRG makes a good point. Thank you :slight_smile:


Yep, I’ve proved my point. At some pooint this month I deleted my server and created a new one with a new OS using the same IP. Below is the totals section of the invoice. The top numbers are for the server runtime, the middle numbers are for the IP (which I kept all month), and the bottom numbers are for the disk space. As you can see, the bill for the IP, which I kept was 1 euro. The bill for the runtime and disk, which I deleted briefly so I could install a new OS were both 1.26 euros, bringing the grand total to 3.52 euros. This is why we need a reinstall OS button.

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Confirmed, this is why my invoice for this month for 3 servers is great than 9 euros…


we need a “reinstall OS button” as i get an error message when i delete a server and try to create a new one it says “NO SPOTS” available with your current configuration !

Hope the admins get notified :smile:

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We still waiting “Reinstall OS” button after 10 month :smile:
And today your Support Team invited me “to discuss the idea of reinstalling the server with our core team and all other customers.”

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please create a botton for reinstall os…


Yes! We really could need this. There should be an option to redeploy from a new image without risking to lose your server.


do you get charged if you deleted your first server, which cannot be started ? but you created a second VPS with other OS and IP does one get charged double ?

so many things on this website are missing


+1 for this feature !

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