Recursion: account activation



You have some recursion. I’ve registered an account, but then I found you do not accept cards issued by Russian banks (the error is: “Error: Prepaid or virtual cards are not allowed”, I tried 2 cards issued by different banks). Then I found the way how to create a support ticket, but it requires an account and it redirects again to the " Payment method" form. Infinite loop. Unfortunately, no support E-mail found across the website so writing here. Could you please enable Russian cards or implement any other way to make an account active?
You’re claiming this is a robot protection, but looks like it’s protection from customers from some specific countries. I see you do not want to accept PayPal due to fraud. OK, but, I want to create an account and my card is not accepted. I can’t even create a support request.

P.S. I found your free trial only after the sign-up. The original aim was to test the real Bandwidth from your Instances to some directions in eastern EU and xUSSR countries, since I’m looking for something better then 10-30-100Mbps which average VPS hosting could provide in a single TCP connection from average home internet user.



Any reply from the crew? Looks like here is absolutely no technical support…


Hello @Alexxx,

You should be able to contact our technical assistance from your account by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of the console.