Rebooting a C1 instance remotely from a bash script?



I have asked tech support about this but they said they don’t answer that kind of question.

I have a flakey server that crashes randomly, at least monthly maybe more often.
I don’t use it a lot and I don’t really care but I wanted to find out if I could at least restart it automatically when it stopped responding.

At first I asked if there was a watchdog timer I could enable in the kernel that would just auto reboot on freeze. I am quite sure that ARM cpu has hardware watchdog timers for just this purpose but I couldn’t find documentation for it.

So second option I thought should be really easy.

From a linux box at home, ping the server every 10 seconds, no answer after a minute and I send a command to scaleway UI to reboot the instance.

Given that there appear to be a way to automate server creation, provisionning and deletion, I figured rebooting and instance should be one of the easiest and most common thing to do.

But after searching a bunch, including on this forum. I just can’t find anything.

Is there really no way that I could just reboot my instance from a bash script ?

thanks !


Hello @shodan,

You can reboot your instance from a bash script by using the Instances API: