Python serverless function - no logs


I tried modifying the python example to add some output, but it seems it’s not logged in the screen, so it’s hard to know what we’re dealing with, and in case of problems we cannot see errors outputted anywhere … is there a way to use logging to help with serverless debugging / development?

import logging
import json
import sys

def handle(event, context):
    logging.warning("Some logger output")
    print(event, context)
    print(event, context, file=sys.stderr)
    return {
        "body": {
            "message": "Hello, world",
            # "event": json.dumps(event),
            # "context": json.dumps(context),
        "statusCode": 200,

Additionally, it would be helpful to have a description of the passed arguments: event and context; i.e their type, structure, and content.