Proper network configuration with static private IP and dedicated address space


Networking was a huge topic for a long time for Scaleway.

With its current implementation it is almsot impossible to establish proper private network with single Internet gateway without extra tools and hacks, like VPN or GRE tunnels. Even worse, private IPs are dynamic and unpredictable, introducing a bunch of extra hacks to make some tools (like iptables) that rely on IP, not DNS, work. In the age of automation tools (like Terraform) provisioning pipeline for private network becomes unnecessary complicated, which is absolute shame. Simple routing of traffic from two machines to a gateway immediately causes a lot of complexity in machines configuration with a risk to make a mistake and lose access to the instance.

Perhaps, this is okay for Scaleway, but IMO, this a huge deal when deploying even small compute clusters. Topics above are old and the Core Team mentioned, that they will implement networking in the future since it is “highly demanded feature”. But it seems like there was no movement in this direction.

This feature must be at the top priority and implemented ASAP