Private Networks Private Beta


Hi there folks,

Despite the hard time out there we’ve got some ground-breaking news for you. Private Networks for virtual instances are finally in private beta!

Those of you who are keen to check it out, drop us a message with your Organisation-ID (you can find it here: In a private message or by e-mail to

Private Network is a layer2 ethernet switched domain, you can call it a VLAN, if you prefer. First you create one, than you attach instances to it. The instance gets a new network interface for each Private Network, it’s attached to. It’s really a Private Network, you won’t have anyone else’s instances in there.

Be advised that playing around with this requires minimal Linux networking skills. As you will need to get the new interface up and assign an IP address to it, you must know what an IP address is, right?

Yes, it can be an IPv6 address!

Of course, the private beta is free of charge and provided “as is”. No official support, so please don’t open tickets, but we want all your feedback to make the production version as polished as we can. The #private-network channel is around, as well as the other means, I mentioned above. No docs by the moment either, but it’s on the way.

The feature is going to be popular, we’ll probably need to cut the subscriptions out when a certain limit is reached, so hurry up!

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