Postgres DBaas create schema and database


Will it be possible to create schema inside a database ? Actually it’s not possible right ?

Of course, next question, will it be possible to create databases and users from command line ?


You can easily manage your applications like PostgreSQL, its DBs and other with command line via SSH. Always first search your question in Google.


I speak about DBaaS, the new service of online


Oh, sorry. I thought it about MySQL/PostgreSQL/etc.


yes, I have the dbaas beta (MariaDB). You need to give your db username admin permission. Then just

CREATE TABLE bob (age int, height int);

or whatever. I thought they only have MariaDB and MySQL right now, with postgres planned for later.


I mean create schema, not table… In Postgresql you must have the privilege to create a database to create a schema also. Currently we have not this.


It’s now possible to create schema ! yeah !