pfSense on Esxi - wan network doesn't work


Hi guys,

I really hope that someone can help me, I’m crazying :frowning:

I have a dedicated server in datacenter. I installed vmware Esxi 6.5_U1. I bought a failover ip, configured a pfsense vm, assigned virtual Mac address to the wan network card (default VM Network port group and physical uplink). After that I configured another virtual switch and another port group for LAN network.

I installed pfsense configuring wan network im this way:

Default gw:

And I checked the option to use gw in another network segment in System --> Routes

The result is that wan network doesn’t work. I can’t ping anything, neither my default gw

Anyone has experienced and resolved my issue?

Thank You so much for your support



Find your RPN gateway

you can’t ping your gateway, normal behavior said the doc

For pfsense you need to tweak a little bit your setup as the gateway is not on the same range as your IP.
So from the shell console you have to define your gateway

route del default (to remove existing gateway if any)
route add -net -iface vmx0
route add default

vmx0 is my default WAN interface using vmx3 driver, if using e1000 the name should be em0 …etc…
Then while connected to internet you should install shellcmd from pfSense package manager and add your gateway there, to get it preserved after a reboot.

route add -net -iface vmx0
route add default

hope i’m clear enough



oops just seen the date 19th of January
I’m a bit late on this one :wink:
but maybe will help someone else…