PayPal payment method


please add paypal as another payment method


And some time/planning making sure there’s enough money on the card. Paypal would just be convenient because i’m already using it for basically all my online subscriptions etc.


hmmm . still no paypal ?

what the fuck scaleway team doing? they said paypal is coming … last year. 1 year not enough to complete paypal integration with billing ?



I’d like to be able to pay with paypal, because of several reasons:

  1. In Germany we can connect paypal to our giro (debit) account, so I can use paypal without using my credit card
  2. I really don’t want to trust my credit card’s data to 3rd party companies. I’m trying to keep the number of companies that have access to that data as low as possible (currently it’s only paypal and my bank).

So for me it’s essential to be able to pay with paypal.

I am also looking a solution for payment for this kind of website


i vote to add paypal as other means of payment method available.


i have opened a new debit mastercard bank account with a 3d-secure feature with available funds, i have added the card, but got declined by its merchant multiple times. these is very frustrating, the only thing keeping us on using your service is your payment method, even we have the necessary required card to use, still your merchant declines the card that we add. whats the purpose of your service? there are a lot of clients/users wanting or needing to try and acquire your services, your losing potential customers with this problem.

another paypal is safe, also our cards/bank is also attach to paypal, we can make auto payments via paypal or get payments through paypal. i hope paypal will be added as your other means of payment.

also paypal has 3d secure feature.


PayPal is not suitable for a hosting provider as flexible as scaleway. Your invoice total will vary depending of your usage, a feature that PP doesn’t support (yet).
Then PayPal can bring a lot fraud (Stolen accounts, no reason PayPal claims : PayPal ofently statuate on customer favor without even taking a look if this is a small transaction … so some people abuse of it).
If your card is accepted on PayPal, it should pass on Scw without problem (contact your bank if not).


Guys still no paypal being accepted in 2017?
Been gifting serious money to OVH, Leaseweb, WSI, Hetzner and list goes on and on …


Getting paid via PP myself and I am not from EURO land. I do have quite a bit of spendings as mentioned earlier on ( maybe prior to burst net offering their cheapo ovz ).


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