PayPal payment method


Another vote for paypal. I will order right away if paypal is enabled.



They should do the mode Paypal


Here’s proof: :slight_smile:


Right now I use my Paypal Debit Card to pay for Scaleway and It works exactly like a debit card but it takes money from my Paypal account (or if there’s no balance it just does a Paypal Instant Transfer from my linked bank account).


Upvote. Sometimes credit/debit card payments becomes impossible due to banks incompatibility. It’s important to have fallback payment method. PayPal is a good option, because it’s widely supported, and most of your customers always have paypal accounts.


now I’m using dedicated server at OVH instead, reasons i can’t payment via paypal. have lost potential clients.


It’s absolutely true that by providing Paypal as a payment option like other respectable hosting companies, Scaleway would see much more customers.

But, seeing shortage of some servers (notably C1), it looks as if though Scaleway is not looking for more customers at this time. So, in a way, by not providing Paypal, they’re throttling the number of customers, until the times when they are ready for more.

IMHO, anyway.


Scaleway already has very low prices, if they add PayPal, there will be kind of a lot of fees and that makes me think (I might just be plain wrong) that it would actually harm their business.

But hey, those guys seem to know what they are doing, I mean, they are still in business and are still expanding.


Me too. I don’t happy to use my Credit Card because my local bank charge me high rating for foreign currency. I am very happy when Scaleway accept to get PayPal. I have Euro and Usd on my PayPal.


Take my bitcoin(or DASH-coin) or get new CEO… 2017 is coming - bitcoin anywhere!


if hacker attack, a stolen ATM/debit card can be taken. I will buy at OVH although it’s expensive


please add paypal payment as soon as possible. ScaleWay please listen to your Users/FANS.


got my C2L server yesterday outstanding performance for this price.
please add the paypal gateway so that i can pay without any problems.


Please add PayPal and Bitcoin, just because your vendor is PCI compliant doesn’t mean dick.


Please add paypal or GBP.

I incur 2.75% currency charges for any non-GBP spend so not offering it makes you unnecessarily more expensive. Paypal can avoid this.

#76 use credit cards to fraud ? why don’t add paypal, webmoney, Bitcoin, Skrill… more


I would like to move our large project to Scaleway, however, our finances are only and only on paypal. Withdrawal to a bank account from paypal to be able to pay you with a card will DOUBLE our expenses. Do you see how big of a problem this is? And we are talking about your biggest VPS you can offer. Can I sign up somewhere for a notification so you email me when you accept paypal payment method? Might as well use Azure with that kind of price, in the meantime.



Just registered to tell you that this is SHAME!
I want to use your bare metal servers, but I CAN’T because you have SINGLE payment option.
Everyone who is stupid enough to give his card details deserve to be hacked and all money stolen.
Unknown provider X certified by unknown authority Y - and used by nobody - WTF?
I’m in European Union and transfer fees are higher than the actual service.
You work for banks , not for yourself. They make more money from you without doing anything.
Please offer PayPal or Bank transfers to account or any other option.
Please give example of PayPal fraud ? And you use a external provider - he should take care of this,


Lol calm down guys… A prepaid card costs 1 euro


Some (/most) of the debit cards are not accepted !
An additional password is required !
Monthly fee + transfer fees.
5+ EUR to the bank to use the 11 EUR scaleway sercive, nice? (scaleway parent) - accept PayPal.
Scaleway ( subsidiary) does not accept PayPal.

Some of the first search results for scaleway, enjoy:

Looks like PayPal was “coming” 1 year ago.

Take paper money at your Paris office ?