PayPal payment method


I want to tray scaleway,but without acepting paypal, it’s impossible for me.


@angel you could use a VCC (Virtual Credit Card).


@Scaleway the guys who actually do the PayPal transactions for big companies like Netflix, Uber, Spotify and Facebook is actually a Dutch company called Adyen. You might want to have a look at them, so we can get the PayPal payment option :smile:


Please add Paypal, otherwise we can not use Scaleway!


You can protect against fraud or those looking to scam companies by enabling a PayPal option only for those who provide a government issued ID and a bank statement. You can then use PayPal’s authorisation feature to verify their details (and make sure they have a verified address) once more. It’s completely full proof. PayPal is not a demon that favours buyers over sellers or sellers over buyers. If a buyer attempts to file a dispute with PayPal, the burden on proving a refund should be issued for a service falls with the buyer. If a buyer decides to do a chargeback through their bank, PayPal will probably suspend their account if proved fraudulent. An honest buyer is unlikely to defraud you if they have already provided you with government issued ID and proof of address, coupled with matching that information with their PayPal address you have a pretty full proof system. What can a user who pays in advanced for a service complain about? Again, they would need to prove there was something wrong with the service (

I don’t like PayPal but I despise currency conversion fees even more. If you didn’t want to introduce PayPal you should have given us the option to pay in GBP. If you were crying over currency conversion fees (which are significantly less by French banks), you could have increased the price in GBP to compensate for the conversion fees.

It’s too late now, I’ve completely lost interest in Scaleway. We now spend just over £1,500 per month (around €2,000 euros) at, business that could have gone to Scaleway. At least 1 year later we understand Scaleway is not a serious business for serious businesses.


Hello @iahmed,

that sounds like a nice idea, but it is illegal to copy government issued ID in some countries. SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a perfect alternative.

“The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro. As of July 2015, SEPA consists of the 28 member states of the European Union, the four member states of the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), Andorra, Monaco and San Marino.” –


Honestly, if (Scaleway) start accepting the fluctuating value/no-value bitcoin i would consider them unserious.


I’m not asking them to hold their assets in bitcoin. I’m asking for them to use it as a payment method. It makes no difference whatsoever to Scaleway should the value of bitcoin would fluctuate 100% each microsecond. Payment gateways are perfectly capable of managing volatility and Scaleway need not concern themselves about things that have zero impact on the amount of euros/dollars/etc they receive.

What does it matter even if the customer paid in gummy bears as long as the service provider receives the correct amount of government backed currency reliably and in a timely manner?


So the second largest payment processor (and fastest growing) in the world, Stripe, accepts Bitcoins but is not “serious”? The same payment processor that the fastest growing VPS provider (and arguably the most popular) DigitalOcean uses. For you to come to this “opinion”, you must be running a “company” that generates hundreds of millions in revenue and valued at billions right? And all these other companies are stupid and foolish to even consider Bitcoin right? Do you also believe the Earth is flat? You probably don’t believe in logic either!

Disclaimer: I don’t like nor have any interest in Bitcoin.


I have no problem trusting Scaleway with my credit card details. They use a serious Certificate Authority for their SSL, and be2bill offers me the login encryption my bank offers, so I’d say it’s pretty safe.


Hey, I wish to use Scaleway (I plan on migrating my server this month to a dedicated system, from my previous VPS setup, and had looked at Hetzner, Scaleway, OVH, KimSufi, etc.)

Sadly, I do not have a credit card (getting one as student in Germany is quite expensive if one has no credit history).

Therefore I planned on paying via SEPA-Transfer or SEPA-ACH. Sadly I have to discover that you don’t provide either of these currently. As has been mentioned before in this thread, many are requesting this to be added.

Is there any ETA? (Because otherwise I’ll have to go with one of your competitors, which I’d prefer not to, as Scaleway provides probably the best service out of all of them)


I also would love to start using one or more scaleway instances, but I can’t since I don’t have a credit card.

What’s strange is that the TOS contradict the actual situation - you can only pay via credit card (even asked support about it and they confirmed it).


6.3. Payment procedures
SCALEWAY gives Users the option of paying for the Service
by direct debit from their current
account (bank or postal), by bank card or by cheque. In the case of
direct debits, Users must download and print the SEPA direct debit
mandate (available in PDF format in the Console) and send the dated and
signed SEPA direct debit mandate to ONLINE. In the case of payment by
cheque, cheques must be made payable to “ONLINE SAS”, with the invoice
number written on the back and be sent by post to the following address:
ONLINE – Service chèque – BP438 – 75366 PARIS CEDEX 08Invoices
are payable in euros within a period of 7 days as from the invoice date.
Early payment of invoices does not lead to a discount being applied.
All sums not paid when they become due are automatically subject to
interest at a rate of three times the legal interest rate calculated on
the amounts due. Users with the status of professionals that are late
with their payments will automatically owe ONLINE a fixed sum of €40 as
compensation for its recovery costs.

answer from support:

You can pay currently using 3D secure enabled AMEX, MasterCard or VISA credit or debit cards.

no mention of SEPA despite it being in the TOS.
(I couldn’t find the SEPA mandate PDF in the console either).


Hallo @justjanne,

Wie wäre es mit N26 (Number26), dort bekommst du ganz schnell (ohne Kosten) eine Mastercard (Debit) – inkl. Girokonto :smile:


Also, das Girokonto kann man ja schonmal ganz vergessen, insbesondere mit den “Sie erhalten keine Zinsen”, anstelle des Nominalzinssatzes.

Und dann sind da versteckte Gebühren, z.B. bezüglich Kontoauszügen, etc.

Zusätzlich ist es natürlich ein Aufwand, ich MUSS ein Mobiltelefon besitzen (was, wenn es verloren geht? Vertragsrechtlich ist dann, in dem Moment, der Vertrag zu Ende. Interessante Formulierung da).

Und dann kommt dazu, dass es weitaus problematischer ist, jemandem – auch einem Hoster – eine Einzugermächtigung zu geben, als einfach direkt per automatischer Überweisung zu zahlen.

Ich meine, wir sind in der Eurozone, da sollten die offiziellen Zahlungsmittel eigentlich schon anerkannt sein.

Wenn’s halt in den nächsten knapp 20 Tagen nix wird mit PayPal, SEPA-Überweisungen, etc, werd’ ich halt zu OVH gehen.


Hello @justjanne,

Ich sehe keine versteckten Gebühren – – ist aber auch egal

Ich wünsche dir noch viel Erfolg im leben :smile:

“Zusätzlich ist es natürlich ein Aufwand, ich MUSS ein Mobiltelefon besitzen” – Es gibt keinen Zwang, du kannst auch das Online Banking verwenden (ein Smartphone ist aber praktischer)


Die AGB sagen spezifisch, dass der Vertrag nur gültig ist, wenn ich ein Mobiltelefon habe. Selbst, wenn ich ihn online abschließe.

Ich würd’ halt nur richtig gerne auf Scaleway setzen, weil das Angebot halt richtig gut ist - aber nicht “Neues Bankkonto, wo das Risiko besteht, dass du in die Miesen gehst, und du deshalb ständig nachgucken musst” gerne.


Ich glaube du hast keine Ahnung wovon du redest.
Bemerkbare Zinsen auf ein Girokonto? Es gibt keinen allgemeinen" Nominalzinssatz". Den legt jede Bank selber fest und sollte derzeit bei ~0% liegen.

Es gibt desweiteren auch KEINE versteckten Kosten bei Number26. Den Kontoauszug muss man sich selber ausdrucken.

Number26 ist halt eine App. Man hat dadurch nicht den zusätzlichen Aufwand, dass man einen PC haben muss.

Wenn dein Smartphone geklaut wird: Pech. Am Konto ändert sich nichts. Ohne Passwort/Fingerabdruck kommt man eh nicht in die App. Für Überweisungen gibt es eine extra PIN.

Wenn kein Geld drauf ist, dann kann auch nichts abgebucht werden. Desweiteren kann man die Karte jederzeit sperren und entsperren.

Natürlich kannst du dir das flexibelste Konto auf dem Markt sparen und mpass benutzen:
(hier muss man nur einmalig eine SMS empfangen können - Aufladung via Sofortüberweisung)


Hallo @thesimon,

vielen dank für deine Antwort.

P.S.: Es ist ein “Debit” Girokonto – Bei Prepaid muss die Karte “aufgeladen” werden d.h. es gibt kein Girokonto :smile: – Deshalb hast du auch eine MasterCard Debit und eine Maestro Debit


Scaleway has more (potential) customers than they have C1 hardware. So there is obviously no need to attract new customers by additional payment methods.

Scaleway has very competitive prices. Adding more payment options will cost them money, and I doubt with a price of 2,99 / month there is much buffer. If they say that Paypal increases fraud, that would be needed to be paid by all honest customers.

So if their payment options do not suit you, just shop somewhere else. (You can also go to the competitor forum and complain that they should lower their prices, because scaleway is cheaper.)


True but sad as well. If they are content with their current size then we can forget about Paypal; but if they intend to grow bigger they will add it.