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Hi @iahmed

In fact i have been their customer since they opened their doors but i switched later if i recall it was after they got the second huge investment. Credit card was the only option available and their business was booming without paypal, heck even Linode doesnt have paypal.

To be honest i prefer just CC, I am tired of spammers, ddosers and other abusers that use a fraudulent paypal account or bitcoins.

I trust in Scaleway and i believe they will think this trough and do whats best for their business and customers as well.


@deviantmk I trust Scaleway/ too, they already have my debit card details but I can’t use their service because they will only bill in EUR. For each server launched, we’ll be charged 1 GBP / 1.35 EUR by our bank just for the currency exchange. If we launch 50 servers, we’re paying 67.50 EUR per month just on exchange fees. We could just buy dedicated servers or even a VPS on DO equivalent to the maximum of £183 and get 6-12x the performance of all 50 Scaleway servers combined.

The PayPal argument is not valid. Companies considerably bigger than the Iliad Group are comfortable using PayPal - eBay (granted they owned it), IBM’s softlayer, Facebook, etc. If you want to prevent fraud just ask for a government issued ID. Restrict PayPal by country. By the time you introduce PayPal, all of the clients who could’ve used your infrastructure on a large scale would have moved on or been put off.



So… you are complaining for 1eu, lets see 3+1eu = 4.59$, lets take it as 5$, now can you tell me where else you get these spec and features for 5$? :wink:

[quote=“iahmed, post:22, topic:724”]
6-12x the performance of all 50 Scaleway servers combined
[/quote] honestly i dont know what you are talking about here

I will just end with this, it speaks for it self


@deviantmk you’re reply was so ignorant it isn’t worth debating further with you. Read my reply again, then 2 or 3 more times and you might just realise where you went wrong.


Don’t know what credit/debit card you are using but looking at my statement, I’ve only been charged once for the whole month for all my servers together as one charge.



Okay will do, lets see

[quote=“iahmed, post:22, topic:724”]
I trust Scaleway/ too, they already have my debit card details
[/quote] I meant with their decisions not security.

[quote=“iahmed, post:22, topic:724”]
We could just buy dedicated servers or even a VPS on DO equivalent to the maximum of £183 and get 6-12x the performance of all 50 Scaleway servers combined.
[/quote] Why are you comparing one VPS or DEDI server to a cloud farm?
Scaleway scales horizontally its not a virtual server that you could just resize like DO, well maybe in feature after they introduce new configurations you could just reattach the volumes but thats another thing.

I am a startup with a project coming up and Scaleway gives me the perfect platform like no other out there

  • Excellent configuration/pricing
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Cheap storage ( I MEAN EXTREEEEMELY CHEAP )
  • Basic DDOS protection
  • Responsive developers

It feels like when a child gets a present, opens it, and the things inside just don’t have an end.

I just feel that you didnt get the whole point of Scaleway, just wait and see when they introduce new hardware, especially armv8, with this kind of pricing and features there will be no other service out there like Scaleway.

Its an invoice so i also don’t know what hes talking about.

Oh and @iahmed i apologize if i sounded a bit rude in the last reply, i never want others to think that of me :smile: .


Due to the absence of paypal you are loosing clients and I can guarantee for that. I already recomendded your service to 2 friends, but they are not interested as they cannot pay with paypal.


Hey there, i just stumbled across your service and i would like to use is. But i don’t use credit cards and would be happy if you could introduce paypal or

If you do, ill be happy to use your service!


+1 If not Paypal, at least offer the option to request the charge in different currencies - GBP & USD would be a good start (AWS does that but obviously already has a massive payments infrastructure in place)

Also Invoices would be nice for Corporate customers

Bitcoin would be cool too but probably not worth the development effort - there are other developments of Scaleway which would create a lot more value which should come first.


+1 as well because my MasterCard debit card does not work with your payment processor for some reason. I use the same card on my PayPal account and it works just fine. Having PayPal support would also make this an easy recommendation to my colleagues.


I manage 4 different servers on Scaleway for clients and in my day job. I would very much appreciate if you guys would accept Bitcoin since I already get paid in Bitcoin and it’s a safe and instant way to pay. + implementing bitcoin payment is just stupid easy and can be done in about an hour unless you’re totally clueless. Paypal might be popular now, but that will pass. The future is in applications that have their own allowance and pay for running themselves. That’s why Bitcoin would be an ideal choice for infrastructure such as server instances.

So could you please:

A customer( <- some say these people are always right)


@Nils Why don’t you guy provide the option to add credit to an account? If I’m able to load, say Euro 25 into my account in one go, I don’t need to worry about payments every month, while still being able to protect my credit card details by using a one time use prepaid card.

I’m with DO too. They allow this and have the feature to notify when account balance become low. Plus they accept Paypal.

I certainly don’t want to share my real credit card with higher credit limits with you. But now my bill is due and I’ve data on the server, I don’t want to loose. But I don’t know, how I could pay! Either, I let you close my account or I’ll have to apply for a secondary credit card that allows shadow/virtual card numbers with small limits. Such an inconvenience!

On a side note, people complaining about Paypal conversion fees, there’s an option in Paypal to let the credit card handle the conversion charge instead of Paypal.


I prefer CC to Paypal (I hate Paypal) but another guy I know was also just complaining that he wasn’t using Scaleway because Paypal wasn’t accepted. I didn’t realize Scaleway does a separate card charge for every action like spinning up a server–do they really do that??? I somehow thought there was one charge, at the end of the month. I’ve spun up 3 servers and spun down 2 of them, so I hope I don’t get dinged with separate card fees for each one (I think about 0.30 USD per non-USD transaction).

Scaleway is quite competitive with budget x86 in raw performance per unit cost, and way ahead of DO. I have an i7-3770 at Hetzner for about 31 USD/month which is as cheap as it gets. It’s about 8x-10x faster than a C1 so to equal 50 C1’s I’d have to get 5 or 6 of them. Of course the Armv8 will make it more interesting. I’m still trying to do some tests on OVH’s ARM cloud. The one very simple measurement I’ve seen indicates it’s about 2x C1 speed (single core) but who knows what Scaleway will use.

I do wish Scaleway had a low cost storage option. Storage at Hetzner is now around 0.5 euro per GB (see their new Storage Box product at the 2TB level) while Scaleway is 4x more.


There are lots of exchanges in EU zone for bitcoin gateway. I barely use my paypal account, and cc is seriously flawed in implementation.


By the way it does look like Scaleway does charge in local currency automatically - at least in £ - It should probably advertised a bit more.

I even get VAT in £ listed on the invoice - though would be great if it also listed the total in £


@aspark21 Can you post a screenshot of an invoice please? All of my invoices are in euros and not pound sterling, that, coupled with no announcement of an alternative currency leads me to believe they only bill in euros.


@iahmed - See below

from the previous month’s bank statement


@aspark21 thank you for taking the time to post them. It’s strange because my company’s bank statements show recent charges made in euros and my clients show the same (as recent as 1st of December). The total due is still in euros so I would imagine that’s what we would be billed in. Perhaps someone from Scaleway can explain this if they can take time out from avoiding this topic? The £0.39 is probably an oversight of some sort - there’s really no need to show the applicable VAT in GBP as it’s not used for anything according to their own invoice.


from the looks of it, it was just a fluke - the first invoice was for such a small amount I didn’t get charged any fees but I did for the latest


@aspark21 : The double VAT line in € and £ is on purpose. There’s an hint in the billing FAQ:

6 . Invoice’s grand totals:
Tax details: VAT amount and rate in Euros, VAT of non-eurozone countries in local currency, and total taxes.

EU business laws requires the VAT to be expressed in the local currency of non-eurozone european countries. Even if the invoice is due in euros.