PayPal payment method



I’d like to be able to pay with paypal, because of several reasons:

  1. In Germany we can connect paypal to our giro (debit) account, so I can use paypal without using my credit card
  2. I really don’t want to trust my credit card’s data to 3rd party companies. I’m trying to keep the number of companies that have access to that data as low as possible (currently it’s only paypal and my bank).

So for me it’s essential to be able to pay with paypal.


Hi Vladimir,

Being a little paranoid myself, I completely understand your points. However, we can’t accept Paypal as payment method for now and I’m not sure we will in a the near future.

The only thing I can tell to reassure you is that your credit card number is only stored by Be2bill which is PCI DSS compliant. They don’t accept Paypal yet though.

EDIT: actually be2bill supports Paypal, but we didn’t activate it as it’s been a source of a lot of frauds in the past.

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I do not have a credit card. I can pay with PayPal or Bank transfer.

If you have problems with the PayPal buyer protection, you could use

PS: a customer complaint is not fraud


Good luck with your credit cards:


As you know the service is quite new. We obviously plan to introduce new payment methods in the future ! Unfortunately we’ll have to stick to credit cards for now :frowning:

I agree


I dont want to give my card details to anyone too. This is the only one reason I can not use your service. Paypal payment method is a must.

As for now, new user can not even test your service without attached card details.

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Actually you can. If you provide your phone number during the signup process, you can use our services for free for 24 hours.


@thesimon: I see that 60% payment come from “prepaid cards” in Germany. This is allowed on our service

Often, the term “credit card” is misleading, as there are many types of cards
that are called differently depending on the country you are in, and are often simply refered as “credit card”

For now, we accept credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards


I was really excited about your offers and price reductions today. But when I looked at that credit card form I immediately felt as if I’m “not in good hands”.

Have you considered other payment providers such as Stripe or Braintree?
This payment form does just not fit into the rest of your otherwise very carefully designed site/app.


I use a free prepaid virtual credit card. Its called mpass in germany. I think you will get something like that in your country.


This is either not true or no longer true. Your processor is blocking prepaid cards. They will return an authorization error.


The stats @thesimon has provided for Germany are not accurate, or reflect the experiences of a set of online merchants. You can easily find different stats. See below for an example.

Given that France is in the EU SEPA direct debit payments could be an option you could consider offering (remember: as per regulations you have to announce transactions a week in advance or earlier!). At least for business customers, where you can additionally validate data by checking if it matches the VAT number.


Hi! The stats from me are from paymentwall. Not from merchants. Paymentwall is for online games and services and not for physical goods.


If you are in the US you pretty much have no way of verifying an account without a traditional credit/debit card. I do not have any credit cards and usually only use paypal for online services. Since you do not accept paypal I tried prepaid cards which you have stated you accept.

Neither Visa nor Amex prepaid cards will work with your system. I get both error codes 5005 or 4001, after some research this may be because your merchant is #1 blocking prepaid cards or #2 these cards do not allow international transactions.

Do you guys have any plans for either Paypal or Bitcoin?


I would really appreciate if you did because I really want to use your service.

At least supporting Paypal would be a decision worth thinking twice about.

What kind of “fraud” do you mean?


If you get lots of fraud via paypal, then how about bitcoin? (via bitpay)

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I too find this EXTREMELY moronic on a business standpoint

I think your CEO needs a new CEO… Theres a thing called stealth and an insanely large internet currency you are just plain refusing for no reason…

makes no sense at all. I think im just gonna do your job bettter than you.


I think the whole scaleway project isn´t that successful, because they had to cut the prices. They also have only one datacenter to choose from. Its also dumb that they debit amounts under 10 Cent from a creditcard. :sweat_smile:


Paypal would be fine but not necessary, DO has no paypal support but their business is doing great. If your debit card doesnt work you can simply switch a bank and open a new bank account, my debit card can be processed anywhere so far just make sure its a visa or mc, if you think this is too troublesome then how do you expect scaleway to bother implementing paypal when you are not even serious about it.

I think good times will come for scaleway just people need to learn about it, strong marketing is necessary


@deviantmk that’s incorrect. Digital Ocean does have PayPal support since 2012 and according to an email from DO, 80% of their entire companies transactions are performed through PayPal. I watched Digital Ocean go from nothing to what it is now and was active in their forums helping others out. Many people couldn’t use Digital Ocean because they would only charge in a single currency which meant all their international users would get charged currency conversion fees. In different situations it does work out cheaper to use your card than PayPal because PayPal still charge a conversion fee (it’s in their terms). Once they realised they couldn’t grow they introduced PayPal - it took them only a few months. I believe PayPal (or similar payment processors) should be a requirement for every internet company that sells to international customers in a single currency.