Payment schedule flexibility


It looks like dedibox payments have to be made monthly. There is no way to add prepaid credit to the account, and no way to make the rental period longer than 1 month (like 3 months, 1 year, etc). This is inconvenient because it’s fairly common to have trouble with credit cards so if a problem is expected (e.g. my card was about to expire and it took a while to get the replacement) it’s good to make bigger payments for longer periods.

It occurs to me this is especially important for C14 which is for long term archiving. If I want to archive data in C14 for 5 years (document retention requirement or something) then it would be nice to pay for the whole 5 years at once, then forget about it unless retrieval is needed. If not 5 years then 1 year would be much better than monthly.

Thanks for considering. Hetzner and OVH both have more options about this type of thing.