Openvpn instantapp help


Where to take the team to openvpn instantapp, OFFICIALLYREGISTERED page does not work, on github I did not find anything , help me find a team to manage the openvpn pls


Sorry, but I don’t understand your question. There is no team to manage your OpenVPN Server. You need to do it.


You do not understand my question , I installed openvpn instantapp, how can I control it ? ( Watch the logs , use the statistics , how many people are connected , ) if I do not have commands to control ?


Next time you need to be more specific

You can find the logs here



I can not log in to the admin panel in the web admin panel , I can not find the specification of the server ( who sits as sit )


Sorry, my fault. The Admin UI is for the paid Version.

What do you mean with “who sits as sit”


crux of the matter is that I installed openvpn instantapp, I need to know how to manage a server to know how many people are sitting , server load , and more , how can I do that ???


For example , I found the uptime command that gives many users have gone and sat , I did not understand ( ( (


You can use Linux Dash to manage your Server (CPU Load and so on)

And this Script to log your OpenVPN Server. You just need to modify it, if you want I could do it for you.

PS: I never used OpenVPN I just want to help you :smile:


Yes, thank you very much ) ) ) write me