Open vpn's client


Anyone knows a vpn client i could use on windows?
i followed completely the tutorial about the server’s section and downloaded a config file.
Only remains installing and seting up a client on windows or virtual host debian.


Which type of a vpn are you using?

For pptp and IPsec, Windows already has built in clients.

If you’re using OpenVPN, you would need to download the client from the OpenVPN website.

Keep in mind that pptp offers no security and even Microsoft recommends not using it.

L2TP/IPsec offers good encryption, but the problem is that most of the developers left the Openswan project and are now working on the fork, Libreswan. Libreswan has not yet made it into most Linux distributions. CentOS 7 does have Libreswan (as most of the Libreswan team are supported by RedHat).


i thank you, i try to use the scaleway’s openvpn, i recently downloaded the openvpn windows client (i thought it was a server first) but still can’t make it work with the configuration file… the web pages keeps loading when i connect to the server


I agree with you on this point – the OpenVPN could have made their Windows client much more easier to install. They way they made it, makes it too difficult even for those who have much experience working with OpenVPN.

On the other hand, the Android client for OpenVPN is very well done – but when setting it up for the first time, you need to do things a little slowly.

The OpenVPN client for most Linux distributions is very well done, and there is a very good client for those using MacOS/iOS.


Try NodVPN or Ivacy VPN. I have tried both and switched only recently to Ivacy VPN as it offers a ton of features along with amazing service while being unbelievably light on the pocket. I renewed my Ivacy VPN subscription on this Black Friday as they have this unbelievable Black Friday through Cyber Monday deal where you get 1-year subscription for 13% of the original price. What’s more, on 1-year subscription, I got 2nd year’s subscription absolutely free!


I have been using ExpressVPN which good VPN since last 3 months their speed little bit down then I google and I found fastest vpn which quite faster than ExpressVPN.


Here is the link for your problem, Maybe there is a solution.



I have use casvpn which is good vpn.with best vpn protocols