website keep ask for sign in

#1 keep asking for sign in when I tried click a menu
I cant change the billing payment
I also cant open ticket so post here
please help



Are you using a dynamic IP connection or a connection using IPv6 with dynamic configuration?
You may try to connect to your account using another browser.



@txdvil : if it is like for me, it is just because ipv6 is too new for Online teams (yes, that’s ironic).

In my case, I’m using ipv6 at work, and most if all OS (windows, linux, ios, likely android…) uses a random ipv6 mac address to connect, in order to protect your privacy (actually just the suffix regularly changes - see RFC 4941 if I remember well).

Websites like Online one which are badly coded think you are using a different IP and so invalidate your previous existing ‘credentials’.

So just ask Online to build a modern IPv6 validation scheme. Just another broken IPv6 thing at online (see /128 address at Scaleway, IPv6 prefix for dedibox, ipv6 validation scheme on …). Not very bright for the company!