[OFFICIAL] Owncloud image


We added a preconfigured image with Owncloud support, you can now create a new Owncloud installation in a few clicks

How to use this image

  1. create a server with the Owncloud image from InstantApps,
  2. start the server and wait for the login prompt,
  3. open http://{your-ip}/ to configure your Owncloud.

The first start may take some time since it configures a mysql server; the MOTD contains information such as the directory where the Owncloud is installed as well as databases credentials:

For more information about Owncloud, you can have a look at the Getting Started with Owncloud on LifeHacker guide and the Owncloud with Object Storage on Online Labs official documentation.

Content of the image



you might want to add for us newbies you have to make your own ssl certs for it to work via web interface…

so for you guys out here having an issue acessing the webinterface of owncloud
try those commands :

apt-get install ssl-cert
make-ssl-cert generate-default-snakeoil --force-overwrite
restart apache2

and now you will have full access to your webinterface :wink: