[OFFICIAL] Official Docker Image


Continuing the discussion from [OFFICIAL] New linux distributions (Debian, CoreOS, CentOS, Fedora, Arch Linux, …):

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New release: Docker (1.2) - 2014.10.24

Predecessor: Docker (1.2) - 2014.10.21 BETA

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[OFFICIAL] New linux distributions (Debian, CoreOS, CentOS, Fedora, Arch Linux, ...)

Docker v1.3 / 1.3.1 please? :smiley:



You can update docker by yourself using @XeonCore’s repository or @lalyos docker-based procedure.

We will add a script on the next image release to update docker using @xeoncore repository, but we will keep the ubuntu’s official package by default


I’ve pushed Docker 1.3.2 to my repository now for anyone who would like to update the docker package that comes with the official docker image :slight_smile:


New release: Docker (1.3.2) - 2014.12.03

Predecessor: Docker (1.2) - 2014.10.24


  • Added fig, nsenter, pipework and gosu
  • Switched to new image builder system
  • Juju support
  • Server name in prompt
  • Bumped to Ubuntu Vivid 15.04
  • Default kernel is 3.17-119 with aufs support
  • Made image smaller, cleaner and easier to upgrade
  • Added /etc/ocs-release file with build information
  • Added a custom and dynamic motd (current kernel, internal/external ip addresses, attached volumes, uptime, load avg, build information, documentation links, docker information)
  • Added new packages: iotop, rsync, mosh, mg, sysstat, dbus, lsb-release, bash-completion, python-apt, python-yaml, iperf
  • Switched from nbd-client to xnbd-client (improved stability)
  • Latest version of Online Labs’ scripts
  • Latest Ubuntu Vivid (15.04) (see https://community.cloud.online.net/t/official-ubuntu-image/345/6?u=manfred)

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