[OFFICIAL] New linux distributions (Debian, CoreOS, CentOS, Fedora, Arch Linux, ...)


Would also like to see rancherOS or CentOS

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I aggree, i’m realy thinking on managing my personal dockerised cloud via Rancher (and therefore deploying rancherOS on each node)


any chance that we can see any of container friendly linux distributions being added in the foreseeable future? Would be great to run RancherOS or even better Ubuntu Snappy Core :slight_smile: AFAIK both of them have both x86 and ARM versions.


A vote from us on RancherOS as well!


Thanks for your work :slight_smile:
Could you add gentoo in next distributions ?



Now that there’s an RancherOS LTS version, is it possible to support it?
Otherwise I would try to build a custom image.


Intel’s ClearLinux would be great. https://clearlinux.org/
I believe C2 is within their Supported Hardware? https://clearlinux.org/documentation/clear-linux/getting-started/supported-hardware.html

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ClearLinux show exciting performances compared to many linux distributions, I would to see this distro available at online or scaleway


I have a Gentoo Image i build in chroot , using debian 9 arm64 , and /dev/xxx /volume… as chroot…

/boot/efi fat32
grub etc…

has a number of advanced tools…


Please add Debian Buster image

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