[OFFICIAL] Issues with mainline Kernel


We are experiencing performance and stability issues with the mainline kernel versions.

We are running two kind kernels on the platform:

  • Mainline kernels (3.17, 3.17.1, 3.18-rc1, …) - Open-source, more features
  • Marvell kernel (3.2.34) - Partially proprietary, closer to the hardware, less features

The systems running with mainline kernels seems to be slower and have worst stability than those running the Marvell’s kernel.

It seems to only affect the network and disks (IO) performances.
The stability issues happen almost exclusively during network/disk benchmarks or other actions requiring lots of IO requests. But we also identified problems with very basic and standard usages.

We are investigating the cause(s). They are related to the network driver and the NBD module.

We suggest you to use the Marvell’s kernel except if you need the latest features.

To change the boot script, read this: