[OFFICIAL] Gentoo Image


Gentoo image is based on a simple armhf stage3 install with minimum modifications to ensure integration with online labs infrastructure.

All patches can be found at https://github.com/EvaSDK/labs.online.net-gentoo-image.


2014.11.13 - Image Update

  • Add missing /root/README listing modifications done to default Gentoo installation.
  • Fixed circular dependency issue in boot runlevel that caused strange errors while starting fsck, root and sync-metadata init scripts.
  • Add a workaround to NBD root volume disconnection while shuting down or rebooting.
  • Add forward compatibility with metadata API.
  • Add iproute2 package to labs.online.net package set as request by community.
  • Apply all stable updates (gcc-4.8, bash CVEs, openssl CVEs, etc).

The release is tagged as stable-2014.11.13 on github.

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Good job. I’m running arm version but also x86_64-gentoo-latest-2016-04-06 … it rocks.
Best regards et bonne continuation :wink: