Odoo image



[SOLVED] - List of InstantApps available at Scaleway?

Thank you, Sieben!

I tried to create this request myself, but wasn’t able.

By the way, even though I look at this page, I cannot see where this thread is in the forum. I can’t see the request listed alongside any other requests.


Do you mean this page: https://community.online.net/c/scaleway/feature-request


Yes, sieben, that is my own attempt at trying to have an Odoo image supported. I don’t know whether that would have worked.

Any idea on about how long it would take to have an Odoo image, generally speaking?


I’ve started building an image using packer and following the information present at this page: https://www.odoo.com/documentation/11.0/setup/install.html I can share the source with you once it is done. That way you will be able to customize your image for your need.


Let me know what you think https://github.com/scaleway-community/scaleway-odoo