Object storage pricing?


I looked through the FAQs, etc, but I don’t see any mention of the prices of object storage.

Can someone tell me how much object storage costs (space used and bandwidth costs)?


I would really like to know. This is strange because @scaleway won’t answer this very question on Twitter. And I tried to create a new bucket with no success. Also, news are talking about Amazon S3 integration for object storage. This is sad.


My infrastructure heavily relies on SIS as a backend and its offline as well… They removed pricing from the main site too. I would like to know whats going on, if things are down because they’re broken I can live with it, but you can’t just take down stuff, there are full server backups on there for me!



We’re currently scaling up our SIS infrastructure to handle the load generated by all our new users.
All new bucket creation are currently forbidden to preserve the service quality for current SIS users.
Existing users with buckets should be able to use existing buckets as before.


I just saw the tweet-reply alongside with this, thanks @yann. Perhaps its wise to send out a mail next time, or a simple tweet SIS is offline for maintenance?


It is mentioned in the FAQ:

Scaleway is also providing a fast, 100% S3-compatible, object storage service called SIS (Scaleway Infinite Storage). SIS starts at €0.00004 for 1GB of storage.


That’s consistent with what the main page used to say, 2 cents per GB per month, and I think it also said no bandwidth charges (presumably just to scaleway’s network). I’d be interested to know if there is any projection of when it will be available again to new users, and also whether there is redundancy (RAID) in the object store. Volume storage is 1 euro for 50GB (matching SIS) but it explicitly says no redundancy, and of course it’s harder to share between servers. So object storage makes the system more usable.


It’s open https://www.scaleway.com/object-storage/ the price is availabled.

  • 0,01€ Go / Storage
  • 0,02 € Go / Bandwidth


This seems to be very pricy compared what scaleway seems to offer. I.e. Same offer at the biggest French hoster is 1ct per GB for storage and traffic. And your 99.9% availability is certainly a joke. Your network is way too messed up to reach this even closely.