Object Storage - How to change the object visibility


I just started use a object storage.
I configured a private bucket, but i want my files public-read.
How can change the visibility of my objects?

Any clue?



If you’re using the aws CLI, you can add the --acl public-read option.

Otherwise, you can edit the visibility of an object from the console:


Hello and thank you @Angristan for your response.

But my problem is about thousands objects :sweat_smile:
This can be done in a batch process?

The origin it was the massive transfer from my server to the bucket using rclone. I’ve tried to change the acl configuration from private to public-read of rclone remote and resent the objects in order to chanche the visibility but didn’t work properly.

any clue?


You cannot technically update an object’s visibility in S3, you have to copy the object to itself with the updated ACL. Like this:

rclone sync scw:bucket scw:bucket --s3-acl=public-read

(I haven’t tested with rclone but it should work. Otherwise aws s3 cp --recursive s3://bucket s3://bucket --acl=public-read)

Don’t worry, it will trigger a server-side copy so it’s gonna be very fast.


it seems using rclone is not possible to do it

$ rclone sync scw:bucket/ scw:bucket/ --s3-acl=public-read
2020/04/15 09:08:56 ERROR : Fatal error received - not attempting retries
2020/04/15 09:08:56 Failed to sync: can't sync or move files on overlapping remotes

I will try with aws.



Oops, sorry. Let me know if you can’t get it to work with the aws cli!


Nice!!! it’s woking!!!

Using the aws cli

aws s3 cp --recursive s3://bucket s3://bucket --acl=public-read

Many thanks @Angristan for your help!!!

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