Object Storage Billing



I really don’t understand the exact detail of Object Storage billing.

If I read the billing page, it’s said that object storage starts à 5€: ok, but is that for each bucket or for the “service”.

Is there a cost on number of “files” in a bucket or only on size ?
For example, I’ve got one bucket containing 1800 files for 184Mo, what is the real cost ?

Thanks a lot for your help

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The package billing system allows you to benefit from 500GB of storage and 500GB of outgoing bandwidth to the Internet. For example, if you only consume 184MB you will be charged 5€ which is the entry price of object storage.

This allows us to have an average effect on all accounts and to offer 500GB of bandwidth to customers so that they can start using the service without worrying about the costs.

If you consume outside the pack system, you will pay extra. For instance, if you consume 600GB of storage or 600GB of bandwidth, you will pay the extra 100GB in addition to the 5€ of the pack.

  • 0,00002€ / GB / hour, for any GB stored for a period of less than 500h
  • 0.01€ / GB / month, for any GB stored for a period of 500 hours or more
  • 0.02€ / GB for any GB outgoing to the public internet
  • 0.01€ / GB for any GB from the AMS region to the PAR region
  • free / GB for any GB remaining local to the area on our scaleway and online infrastructure

Any GB started is rounded to the next higher GB.

We hope that the answer will meet your expectations. If you need more information, you can visit our FAQ about Object Storage https://www.scaleway.com/faq/object-storage/#-How-is-the-Object-Storage-service-calculated

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Can you check the ticket #AYVI-2913-HTJQ ?
I was never notified that I will be charged for Object Storage and even I were really never use it.

Thank you anyway.


what if some one decied not to use the storage object service? what should he do to void the 5 EUR , just delete the bucket to do?