Notified price increases


So we got less than one months notice regarding price changes to the Development Instances, which for the DEV1-S node is a jump from €2.99 to €4.99.

As the increases seem to be designed to price these services out of the market I’ll happily help out by dropping the node I use. I’ll also move the other services I take for use in the company I work for elsewhere as there is no telling when I could see a major hike in the costs charged for them and there is no way I would want to be tied into Scaleway long term if just about zero notice is to be the norm. The risk of at some point having to tell management that services that I have selected are going up by 67% and that I now need to focus on moving instead of planned work is too much of a business/personal risk.


on Dev instance or General Purpose Instance? I think if many people using Dev instance for production server than that’s why they got many problem on scaling the service.

I use the Dev-S and I also thinking to move but it’s just for hobby not for any high load service.


The email I received listed price rises for both the development and general purpose instance. I’ve included the text (without url links) below.

My personal instance was a small R&D development node that was good for testing and having a remote node for external work. Having been with Scaleway for a number of years being able to do a range of tests from one of their data centers was more for piece of mind rather than for a critical role.

Seeing such major price increases with such a short notice period has made be reconsider them for any business critical role where expenditure budgets are planned well in advance.

Dear customer,
Scaleway has worked hard from the beginning to provide you with the most reliable and production-ready solutions on the market by constantly investing in new technologies, state-of-the-art hardware and attracting the best talent. We’ve accelerated our activity in these key areas recently in our continuous effort to evolve from the leading ARM bare metal pioneer to one of the most complete public cloud platforms in the world.

Today, we offer almost 30 public cloud services, including **several free products like [our Kubernetes Kapsule orchestrator], while maintaining our focus on improving our datacenters’ energy efficiency.

Our recent customer survey has shown that more and more of you are using Scaleway to deploy your production infrastructure, with a native multi-cloud approach. This increased demand for our technologies requires premium performance, higher service levels and new tools to manage your infrastructure .

In order to continue to invest in these improvements and deliver the best customer experience possible, we will be increasing our Instances pricing from August 1st, 2020 . This increase will be accompanied by greater performance stability and allows us to introduce differentiated pricing based on your usage. Despite this increase, our prices will remain on average 60 % lower than the main cloud offers on the market.

Our investment in innovation will soon be obvious and we can’t wait to show you what’s next. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to go even further with many highly anticipated and increasingly expert technologies that will join our ecosystem: Private Networks, MySQL managed databases, project management features and more! Our goal remains to deliver the best tools possible, at the best cost, with an increasingly complete, alternative, European and open cloud ecosystem.

Here are the details of the pricing evolutions as of August 1st, 2020:

Development Instances

  • DEV1-S: €0.01/hour or €4.99/month

  • DEV1-M: €0.02/hour or €9.99/month

  • DEV1-L: €0.04/hour or €19.99/month

  • DEV1-XL: €0.06/hour or €29.99/month

General Purpose Instances

  • GP1-XS: €0.084/hour or €41.99/month
  • GP1-S: €0.17/hour or €84.99/month
  • GP1-M: €0.34/hour or €169.99/month
  • GP1-L: €0.66/hour or €329.99/month
  • GP1-XL: €1.40/hour or €699.99/month

Thank you for your trust and loyalty,
Alexandre Morel
Chief Revenue Officer


Hmm, yes I also got that. Maybe many people use development instance as production instance. and we all know corona hits a lot of people, many business gone bankrupt and I think this’s the way they took as they face problem, they must double their income/gross income to make payment or ROI for DC and keep the company afloat.

Just hope Scaleway don’t gone bankrupt so soon. (I heard many big business staring moving away, that means they must think someway to fill the hole)


A DEV1-S instance can be perfectly acceptable for “production.” Nothing I run here or GCP/AWS/etc would require an instance larger than DEV1-XL. Size is not the way to separate development from production.

I’m using DEV1-S instances in “production”, I don’t need IPv4, and thus was paying even less (2€/month). I’d rather move to an hypothetical DEV1-XS than pay the increase (on a per instance basis).

So, I’ll be looking for alternatives. One I’m interested in is Serverless. Which probably fits my use case of microservices better. But that’s a beta, and I don’t even see pricing for it anywhere.

I sympathize that offering small VMs for cheap might not be the best plan, or an efficient way of allocating resources, but the problem with your reasoning that you need to raise prices to innovate and invest in better services is that some of those services (like Serverless) should be available right now for us to move to.


Whoa. 2.99 to 4.99 …66% increase in price on the lowest tier this is unacceptable and i will be migrating off to a different host.

As time goes on and compute density increases your prices should be dropping not increasing.

Its a shame as i really enjoyed the service but i need something that stays under my 5 USD a month budget…seeeeeeeeeeee ya scaleway


Same. I’m leaving scaleway for good for 4 reasons:

  • The removal of C2 instances and horizontal scaling on small priced instances
  • The price increase due to the replacement of local volumes by block storage
  • The unreliability and uptime randomness of their instances
  • This price increase

Now I just need to find the time to migrate my 12 instances out of there.


I’m moving my things away as well. I understand the price increase fully, to be honest (I mean, have you found anything cheaper with similar services? Cause I haven’t)

But what I don’t like is that they had me move away from C2 instances, only to get me to notify of a new price increase 2 weeks later! That just sounds too scammy for me. As if they wanted people to put actual effort in it to move from C2 and then have them locked in the DEV and GP instances so they could increase the price. People put time to move so it is more likely they stay and take this increase.

I’m too stubborn to support that kind of behavior.

Here’s what I did: I walked to the attic, found an old Mac Mini, upgraded it with a SSD, and used rsync to move everything over. Now I just see how both operate in terms of uptime / bandwidth and from there I’ll be ok with whatever happens.


The big price increase is on the DEV1-S (a 67% increase, more if you were not using IPv4s on your instances). Other DEV instances have had 25% increases, GP instances around 10%, and GP1-XL around 25%.

Frankly 2€/month for a DEV1-S was a steel (without a public IPv4 address). This was probably meant as just something to experiment with (other providers have a free tier for that). But the truth is, with horizontal scaling, a DEV1-S instances are sufficient for many workloads. Size is a bad way to discriminate things.

The new pricing for DEV1-S, IMO, opens up room for a DEV1-XS. It’s still competitive with GCP which starts at 0.008$/hour (smaller instances), but they offer discounts for 1 and 3 year commitments ($2.75/month), as well as preemptible instances (which are great for certain workloads).