No KVM/IPMI/Suchard access on Start-2-S-SATA anymore?


i’m surprised to find that the Serial Console (Suchard) access (the basic equivalent to KVM/IPMI access, for Start-2 servers) is no longer available in the console. Is it a bug on my server (Start-2-S-SATA in DC2), or a general policy? I know for sure it was available months ago on Start-2-S models in this very datacenter. Right now, it is still available on a Start-2-XS I have in AMS1, too… but for how long?

How are we then supposed to e.g. unlock our encrypted systems, or witness and fix various issues, without any kind of boot-time access? :roll_eyes:


Hello and welcome !

That’s kind of a tricky question since we have no way to check your running services from a forum post.
Can I please ask you to get in touch with our support team by ticket in order to check why it is happening ?

We will take a look at it asap !

Customer Success Team



actually the problem is not limited to a single server, it’s more a problem affecting the whole product line.

I have (or have had) several Start-1-S, Start-2-XS, and Start-2-S servers at the various DCs over the last few years. From my experience, I conclude:

  • there is always (?) a serial console in AMS1
  • there is sometimes a serial console in DC2
  • there is never a serial console in DC5

The issue is: there is no reliable way to know whether there will be a Serial Console or not upon ordering a server, especially at DC2. It is like Russian roulette: you’ll have to order 2, 3, 4 or 5 servers (paying stupid one-time “setup fees”) until you get at last some usable server equipped with a functional Serial Console.
Is it on purpose? Is it a planned move that you now provide servers without any kind of KVM/Serial Console?