No information about instance max capacity


Hello I can’t find any information about total volumes size of my vc1l instance.

Guys, really, I stopped the server instance to attach additional volume.
I waited for hour and half for transfering info. I add existing volumes. And I can’t start it because total volumes attached to the instance must be equal to 200Gb.

WHERE I CAN READ IN TERMS about total volumes capacity?
Are You kidding me!!!
I pay for that volumes and can’t attach to my instance?
What the ???


As an usual info, adding additional volumes is very risky and time consuming due to the fact you never know if you can start your instance afterwards, since it is not reserved and transfer tames several hours.
However, not being told you are not able to add any Volumes is very bad, all the downtime for no reason.
Scaleway is more like trial and error, documentation is not very detailed and in most cases outdated.

Please do not use scaleway for any serious purposes. They are only good for testing because they are so cheap.

I hope you did not use any of this for a productive environment.