New AMD EPYC Dedicated Servers!


We are very proud to present the new Pro-5-L and Core-5-M servers! With our technological partner AMD, we validated two EPYC processor references that convinced us not only by their power, but also by their extraordinary stability.
Two EPYC Profiles

Pro-5-L: AMD EPYC 7281 (16C/32T, 3 GHz), 96 GB RAM, 2×1 TB SSD NVMe. It offers a very good cores-RAM-storage balance that is perfect for processing your daily data as well as increasing your applications performances.

Core-5-M: AMD EPYC 7401P (24C/48T, 2.7 GHz), 256 GB RAM, 3×1 TB SSD. With a ratio of more than one core for 10 GB of RAM, this server model is a champion of intensive processing, also known as high perfomance computing (HPC).

Thanks to its new design, I/O performances have greatly increased which significantly improves the processing density. While AMD EPYC demonstrates very good performances for large workloads, their architecture is also designed for cloud environments with optimized performance for virtualization.

AMD EPYC servers starting at €149.99 (VAT excl.)


Why are they soo expensive? There are several other hoster who provide a better network, service and support and are still Cheaper while providing better hardware and unlimited traffic with a 1 GBit port instead of 500 MBit. Seems to be a ripoff.


Hi @mazim,
Could you give us an example?
We also offer unmetered traffic with a limit of 500Mbit/s on the Pro-5-L and 750Mbit/s on the Core-5-M.
Burst to 1Gbit/s is possible too.
Thanks by advance


since your community team is not able to handle critic properly, here is a new account providing a answer to your question:

Core-5-M Basic Price: 299€

  • proper ddos protection: 20€
  • business support: 35€
    750mbit unlimited traffic: included

total monthly: 354€

1 year cost: 4248€

ax160 Basic Price: 169€
additional NVMe 1tb : 30€
additional 4x32GB Ram: 4x 24€

  • proper ddos protection: included
  • business support: included (you can even call a technican in the datacenter)
    1gbit unlimited traffic: included

total monthly: 290€

setup fee: 169€

1 year cost: 3480€ + 169€ = 3649€

edit: germany is also available as location.

So if you add the business support, online is 600€ more expensive, yet they offer less.
even if you remove the business support (which is, tbh, basically a ripoff at you are still 180€ more expensive.

hetzner is more reliable, offers better network, ddos protection and business support is already included.

there are several custimazation options, you might aswell add 3x 2tb ssds and still be cheaper than instead of 3x 1tb nvme.