Network speed problems (DC3, access from Russia)


Hello, i have two dediboxes in DC3. And i got a network issues: a lot of TCP retransmitts, DUP Acks and as result sometimes i’ve got very low speed (sometimes it’s less than 100kb/s) if i’ve try to download test data from Russia, but at the same time i’ve got normal download speed from (10-20mb/s if i download data to my Russian server from I’ve tested reverse download speed (download to dedibox server from my server hosted in Russia) - it’s normal (up to 20mb/s). I’ve checked speed between my dedibox servers - and it’s normal (up to 80mb/s). I’ve checked all my servers IP addresses to local blocking list (Roskomnadzor, russian local analogue of great china firewall) - they all are clear and non-blocked. Both dedibox servers have installed ESXI 6.7. I’ve try different operating systems - Linux, FreeBSD - results are same.


Hi @getinaks. Just open a support ticket for this with all the details inside and we’ll take care. Don’t forget the traceroutes for both directions.

At this moment, due to increased load because of the covid lockdown, some Tier1 transit operators experience saturation of certain long-haul links. When possible, we are fixing by re-reruting traffic manually, but we need more details to dig in.