Need some help using JITSI



I was using visio conferencing on
but as soon as there is more than 10 people (sometime 5) we got troubles…

So i have installed a jitsi on scaleway instance following the tutorial i have founded in the forum but i encounter more or less the same problem + some GHOST !! (even if people left jitsi they seem to be still there… because many users quit and come back sometime there are counted 4-5 time… i have 60 persons “online” instead of may be 30 real persons)

Is any of you have experimented-solved this ?
Any experience using JITSI with 30 or more person connected ? any advice or settings tips ? any advice on the good and enough server config ?

thanks in advance

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Hello Loïc,

Jitsi uses a single stream for each user connected to the visio conference. If you have a large number of users connected in the same room and each of them is using his camera and audio, you may reach the bandwidth limits of your home Internet connection. A solution could be to activate the camera only for the person speaking or limit the conferences to audio only to reduce bandwidth consumption in conferences with a large number of participants.

Otherwise you may setup a JVB cluster, to support video streams for a large number of participants.




thank you Benedikt for those informations
i’ll try a JVB cluster because i need visual interactions with the participants

any ideas or recommandations on how to set up our jitsi instance to avoid gosht ? (our instal seems not to have this trouble)

thanks again
have a nice day


Hi Loic,
I have experienced exactly the same issues.
I have installed Jitsi on DEV1-L (as recommended in Scaleway Blog, 4 vcpu, 8 Go Ram etc). As soon as we are 5 people, we have many issues (people disconnected etc).
I asked everybody to connect to in order to see if it was errors related to the quality of people connections. Everything was perfect on which is hosted on AWS…
Just asked the support…
What kind of instance did you use? I wanted to try GP1-XS but it’s not the same price…


Sorry for my late reply
I have installed Jitsi on DEV1-M…
After many tries i have decided to change and plan to use big blue button on a private server (not same cost but good results with 30 webcams)
hope you’ll succeed let me know


Hi Loic,
I moved to General Purpose because Dev Instances ressources are very unstable.