My server locked 2 times and support not reply


Hello everyone

I posting this because support not reply my Ticket #824446 yet since yesterday.
Three days ago I got message that my IP got listed as spammer at UCE PROTECT.
I open the link they gave and reply the message. I fix the problem I think outgoing spam mail from ip.
Then Online support reply wait for 7 days for UCE protect unlist my ip. I happy then

Yesterday, I got notification again from Online my server locked. they said
“The delay to fix alert A-284399 has expired and your server ip address has been locked.”

I check my server status in rescue mode, I ask them in same ticket they dont reply yet. Couple hours later I figured out that I can boot normal via console. I check everything again I make sure no more mail spamming, no outgoint queue.

Today I got notification again that my server lock again. This time I can do the normal boot, I need to pay 19usd to unlock it. And then I ask them in same ticket, but still no reply yet.

Please online staff check my ticket and reply, and unlock my server. I think its a mistake by system.

sorry for my bad english

thank you