My experience of one year with Scaleway


Dear Everyone at Scaleway,

It’s about a year since I started using Scaleway and I want to give you some feedback about my experience.

Previously I had been using a co-located server, which was getting old and was relatively expensive to run; I was concerned that eventually it would suffer a hardware failure that could result in at least a few days’ downtime. I was also using AWS; specifically, S3 for data that was too big for the co-located server’s old disk and occasionally EC2 for big parallel data-munging jobs.

I was drawn to Scaleway for three reasons. Firstly, you’re a European company; I like to support relatively local enterprises rather than allowing AWS/Google/Microsoft in the US to get all the business. In particular you’re not Amazon, whose poor treatment of their warehouse workers gets a lot of press. Secondly, you’re offering ARM servers; I used to work for ARM many years ago and I like to support ARM as a server/cloud architecture. Thirdly, your bandwidth price (i.e. free and unlimited) would save me a lot of cash compared to S3.

So I signed up for an 8-core ARM64 server.

Unfortunately, the reality of using it has been very poor.

To mention some of the issues:

  • It crashes about once each month on average. In some cases you seem to know that there was an issue, e.g. “the hypervisor crashed” or “there was a network problem”, but other times you don’t know what caused it. And it doesn’t reboot automatically.

  • The flexibility is astonishingly bad compared to EC2. On EC2, I can change an instance from 1 CPU to 72 CPUs in less than a minute (shutdown, change instance type in console, restart). On EC2 I can attach a new storage volume in seconds while the instance is running. Here, the one time that I wanted to add more storage I discovered that I needed to shutdown the instance first, which required a snapshot, which required a multi-hour wait (I believe that may have been partially fixed, but it still involves a long wait). And then I was faced with the possibility that, due to the “low stock” of servers, I might not be able to restart. And then, most ridiculous of all, I discovered that I could only attach the new storage volume if I removed one of the existing ones so that the total amount of storage was always 200 GB! That’s insane, and the claim on the home page that “additional volumes […] are available on all our servers” is totally misleading.

  • When my business became VAT registered a few months ago I had to report that to all my EU suppliers so that I could be supplied under the “B2B reverse charge” process. Of those suppliers, only Scaleway have failed to implement it; apparently this cannot be changed after the account has been created. So I now pay 20% more than I should - unless I want to create a new account and migrate everything, which I can’t do as there is no way to move servers and other resources between accounts.

As a result of this, and more, I’ve decided to migrate to AWS; specifically to Lightsail, which has much better bandwidth pricing than S3 and EC2. I have a 2-core Lightsail instance for $20/month which is significantly faster than the 8-core Scalway instance. For many users their $5/mo t2.nano instance would be quite sufficient. My Scaleway server is now shut down but I’ll keep the account and the snapshots for a few months in case there is something I’ve forgotten to archive.

If you want your business to succeed you really need to up your game. What you have right now really isn’t good enough. I hope you do improve, but looking at things like your storage bucket offering (constant promises but nothing delivered) I am not hopeful.

Best Wishes, and Goodbye.


P.S. I note that one of the regular posters here, who regularly criticised your offerings, has had all of his posts deleted. That really doesn’t look very clever. I hope that you see this message as an attempt at constructive criticism!


Wish you the very best, probably the most resonable move is to simply go, I did the same.

there have been too many promises which were never kept.

frustration is the predominantly feeling you get working with their service.

Nothing seems to work properly. Still the same issues over months / years.

Same opinion here: Deleting critical / raging posts, as long as there is no insulting involved, is a bad idea to react to critism. It shows the inability to work with its own failures.

Sad thing is, there won’t be an answer here from scaleway, I’d guess.


Hello Phil,

Thanks for the constructive feedback.

I am sorry to hear about your experience and that our solution don’t fully met your expectations.
A few months ago, we entered our new growth phase, accelerating our development and working on delivering the best experience.

Many new services and features are in the pipeline and will be released soon, such as Kubernetes, early registration here and an object storage platform, early registration can be done here

We also worked on the improvement and stability of the platform to deliver the best experience ever in terms of stability, reliability and responsiveness.

Let me know if you have any question in particular that you want to discuss with me. We are always keen on your feedback.



Similar experiences here, and their support is really abysmal. I could go into detail, but let’s just leave it at “customer support is just an item on a checklist, to be ticked off”.


When will Storage be released?


Hello @ThyTe,

We will launch the public beta of our storage solution very soon. You can request an invite to participate in the Beta.



Hello @jrial,

Let me know if we can assist you with anything. Feel free to send me a PM with details so I can have a look into your issue.



Please send me the invitation.

Will this storage have access to NFS mount?


Had the same invoicing experience when my company changed into a different one. Scaleway was unable to amend the details. I couldn’t believe it… and I was the one introducing Scaleway into the company. Eventually I moved for a different company but I wonder if they’re still using Scaleway at this point (we were having 15-20 instances).

Personally I do have one instance for a friend (had a few more) but I understood that Scaleway is only good for non production stuff. Who uses Scaleway for production must be a masochist…

There are some conceptual changes that Scaleway should reconsider. But, is probably too big to listen.


Hello @oviliz,

During the last months Scaleway has grown from a small project to a big company and our workforce has been massively increased. Our different engineering and development teams are working on many new features and improvements which will be released soon. Besides of this our Customer Success team has undergone intensive training and reorganisation to offer an outstanding customer experience.

I am sorry to hear that we were not able to provide the experience that you expected, but we all are working concentrated and focussed to offer the best cloud experience possible.



Sorry @bene, but this is just another promotional message without addressing such a basic problem as amending legitimate invoicing details.


When I registered at Scaleway 2 years ago there were only two major problems for me:

  1. Servers were always stucking at “creating” or “rebooting” state for hours;
  2. Support team was 240% useless and unhelpful.

And guess what? Right now I have a stuck server (“rebooting” for over 2 days long), and support team does not respond. Well, I think you may call that “outstanding customer experience” :thinking:


I was using Scaleway about 1 year, between much errors today I’m convinced that I need to GET THE HELL OUT OF Scaleway faster I can. I’d asked for support and some Technitian told me to arquive my server with the purpouse to get better node after restore. But he did not warn me about LOSING my files on my SSD directly attached. I specifically asked him about that hipotesis. Hi just ignored and told me to do it. End of the day: Got hours downtime and still restoring files, maybe even lost some… Very nice Scaleway! Moving out as soon as possible! And think that I even tought about working there, thank God they didn’t even read my resume, because I do not want to work in a place of ilusions and support tells you to do some procedure that its going to erase your files without warn!