MY Account was HACKED! cannot cancel email change! Cannot Login ! Cannot Speak with scaleway!


Hello, I received an email about email change on 05.jun.2020
I sleeping on this time… and now i lose my account, i loose my server…
BAD SECURITY … So if someonte in the world click to change email and you “not unconfirm” you just send my fully account to another one people ??? this is serious ???

Now i cant open a ticket , because need a login, but my login is under control of another people…
and missed it. It says:

You asked to change your email address. You can revert this change by clicking on the link below before the 2020/jun/05. Cancel email changes
If you do not wish to revert the change, you can safely ignore this email.

But when clicking the link it redirects me to the login page where I don’t have access.

Can you also please lock my account and prevent the hacker from using it?

my email is



It seems there is an issue about this process, we will take a look to fix this as soon as possible.

To get back access to your account, could you take a look in this documentation :

Don’t hesitate to come back to me or send me a PM if needed.


Hedi Serradj
Trust and Safety Team


Scaleway no send any response to me… i sent a lot of documents do scaleway to recover my account.

But they no send any response… this is a big jolk… You was hacked and the company nohave any support to that… ITs really sadly…



The necessary have been made on our side, we have send you a DM and a mail.

If you still have any issue, please come back to me in DM or on the mail i’ve sent you.


Hedi Serradj
Trust and Safety Team