Multiple MAC address per server without IPFO for IPv6-only usage


I have a use-case where I want to do IPv6-only networking on an hypervisor (ESXi).
For this to work I need :

  • to create a /56 for my server : this is OK
  • to be allowed to have many MAC addresses on my port (because multiple VMs) : this is NOT OK

The reason it’s not OK is because to be able to allow multiple MAC address I need to buy at least 1 IPFO (IPv4), which I don’t need because I want to do IPv6-only



I have the same use case. Any solution or workaround?



Currently a virtual MAC Address can only be provided for each IPv4 failover IP. You can do the routing directly on your server. You can check this thread for more information about it:



Well the problem is you can’t create /64 without IPFO, or at least something else is blocking (“Error: Your quota is exhausted, you can’t create a new subnet”)