Moving from http to https



I have a website with a domain in and hosted in scaleway. What are the steps to move from http to https? I know that I need to buy a ssl certificate but I don’t know where and how to install it. I have nginx as http server.



Well you could start with letsencrypt and certbot. Certbot can either be run in its native mode or via plugins for webservers including nginx and the certificates are free.




Hi @hogweed23. Thanks for the info. Because I have no clue how the process is done do you have any good tutorial that it explains https, how you could publish a certificate and what’s the difference with the paid ones?



Well I Use apache not nginx so I can’t help you there but at the certbot page you can enter your webserver and Linux variant to get some instructions. If you need more basic instructions on setting up nginx for https just googling “nginx https setup” gets lots of results.

The free letsencrypt certs are just as good as the paid ones except that they expire after three months but you setup certbot with a cron job to automatically renew the certs before they expire. Instructions at the certbot site. I use certbot standalone mode rather than an apache plugin for various reasons and you could also do this with nginx - just use --pre-hook and --post-hook to stop and start nginx to allow certbot to bind to port 80 temporarily to authenticate.

Googling letsencrypt and or certbot will get you much more information.


I would use Vitualmin (either free (GPL) or Pro versions)
they can manage your server configurations and also Lets Encrypt certificates with ease (autorenewing every 3 months).
I’ve been using virtualmin for 12 years and its fantastic (pro version) and easy to use for admin panel.
drop me a line if you have any questions.

I should also add I’ve recently got 3 dedicated servers with online/scaleway (I have one from previous supplier)