Mongodb 32Bit Docker Image


Hey all.

I have created a 32bit mongodb docker images.

it is a fork of the tutumcloud/mongodb repo so it supports auth on the DB.

It is a 32bit build and you know how we all love that. Just remember a 2GB DB size.

Im going to look into getting a shard cluster running so that the DB size can be bigger then 2GB



Which version of MongoDB it it?


It version 2.6.x I forget the exact version.


Oh, darn, now I have to make some time to try this :smile:

@tprice, thanks a lot for all the effort - this and the Node images you’ve provided should make playing on Scaleway much easier.


Thanks T Price !!

I’ve build a GitLab 8 and a PostgreSQL. Still testing it. So far so good !!