May install my own Windows copy on x64 baremetal?



say I buy my bare metal x64 32gb server.
May I install my own copy with my own license of, say, windows 10? or 7? or even server 2003?




That’s probably possible, but we do not support Windows at the moment.

After a quick discussion with my colleagues, installing windows requires:

  • to boot in PXE on WinPE, and to configure/recompile it with the correct drivers. Booting on a custom PXE image requires to stop the boot on a C2L, and stop iPXE from booting on your bootscript.
  • to install Windows in command line, with powershell.

I haven’t used Windows in years, so I’ve no idea about how hard it is. But unless you are an expert, I would not consider using Windows on Scaleway as we probably won’t be able to help you in case of problem.


Hello there, and thank you for the quick reply.

Howewer may I be sure your servers are cabaple at least to install and run , say , windows server 2008 r2 or windows 10 ?

Any way I am able to at least try before buy?

Thank you very much indeed,
best regards,


At 0.048 eurocents/hour (+VAT) I think actually paying to give it a try is very reasonable. Especially for a custom scenario explicitly not supported by them. It’s not like you have to pay a full month upfront. Just my 2 cents. :wink:


Indeed. We do not offer test plans, but we bill per hour so testing for a few hours is pretty cheap.


It is fairly easy to setup (tested on C2S,C2M)

  • Start with Debian 8 Jessie and turn it into Proxmox VE
  • Proxmox gives you a nice solution to setup KVM and LCD together with VNC or Spice, networking, etc.)
  • (booting the Proxmox kernel does not work, since scale way does PXE booting from their own kernels, but still it seems to work with the default Debian 8 scale way kernel)
  • open the Proxmox http website HTTPS://YOUR_IP:8006 and create a new windows KVM VM with NAT
  • use Chrome or Firefox to use the novnc KVM console from Proxmox (Safari does not work) and install windows

Optional steps afterwards:

  • enable remote desktop (RDP)
  • install ZerotierOne to create a private VPN through your NAT
  • connect via RDP from your local machine via your private ZerotierOne network (ZerotierOne is awesome!!) to your Windows Machine hosted in Proxmox.

With Proxmox now you can put many guests (either KVM oder LCD) on one machine.
A nice idea would be to create an empty ready made Proxmox Scale way snapshot, put it on a bunch of machines and use Proxmox clustering.


Since someone’s figured out how to install Windows to disk and get it booting by bypassing iPXE, would it be possible for a bootscript that does not do PXE to be made available? This would also offer flexibility for people to install their own custom Linux kernels and bootloaders, which should run fine on both baremetal and KVM virtual servers.


Windows is very important to process the computer for better working but if we talked about the Bluetooth wireless audio and speaker connection is going to be little different from other windows so, you have to learn the way to connect the Bluetooth devices in it.