Mailcow - mail server


Thought I’d mention this here:

is a full-up mail server suite using dovecot, postfix, etc. There is a thread about it on where some people discuss using it.

I’m mentioning it because I know people here are interested in running mail servers on C1’s and it looks like it might be a good instantapp. It’s not exactly a “request” on my part since I don’t think I want to run a mail server myself. So I’m just sharing the info, at least for now.


This would really be great.


Having set up a mail server from scratch on a C1, I wish I had this instantapp… Please package it :slight_smile:


A couple of major issues to be expected which would prevent having this as an instantapp:

1)TLS is really a requirement, this is not something which can be auto-provisioned, at least not until the Let’s Encrypt CA is fully available

2)The scripted approach of mailcow, would require the ability to require additional parameters during the launch of the instant app - mainly the domain name which is not currently possible.

That being said this is installing standard packages and replacing config files so as far the required packages are compiled for armhf you should be able to run the install script on the Debian Jessie image


I played with a few other instantapps and it seems to me that some of them did want configuration post-launch. I.e. you’d log in the first time, and it would ask you to run a script that completed the configuration. I’d agree that having to get a TLS certificate and paste it in is towards the complicated end of things in that regard, but it’s kind of doable. The Instantapp could even generate the CSR and suggest some CA links.


I installed Iredmail yesterday, everything went very well! Iredmail created a self generated ssl certificate, and I’m using it with the free ssl from Cloudflare to access the web admin panel and roundcube. Tested sending today, everything was just good!


Tried installing mailinabox and all services are listening to private ip. How to fix this?


Have you followed a specific guide for this?