Love scaleway


Hey thanks for scaleway, really like the way it work. Still some work to make it a bit more easy, but hey that’s already really fun.



What should be “a bit more easy”


Configuring a LEMP has been a bit painful for me, but i’m certainly not an expert. Still there are a few things that should be adressed.

  • Before installing an image you don’t know on wich distrib the image is based. The LEMP is based on UBUNTU but you discover it when the server is starting.
  • There should be an extensive tuts at least for the LEMP, as it may be the most demanded type (i may be wrong as scaleway doesn’t seem to be public oriented).
  • Going through SSH connexion, then FTP session to Nginx config is quite time consuming. Having an option of a lemp with a web administration interface (eg ajenti) preinstalled and ready to go could be good.
  • Getting simple to hardcore tuts based a real life sitoations could be cool, like one really simple that tells you how to configure a server, then how to prepare a load balancing version, Activating it, bring more power, then shut it off and go back to your simple server.

Outside from thoses glitches, find it perfect for my needs.


Hello @julien

Good point

Let me Google that for you - :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , there are millions of pages about that topic. DigitalOcean is a really good source Introduction to NGINX and LEMP on Ubuntu

That would be a different Image and not LEMP (Linux + NGINX + MySQL/MariaDB + PHP), you are free to install Ajenti I hope this Tutorial works for you

Have a nice and productive day :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia: ,


P.S.: You can edit files over nano via SSH
P.P.S.: If you need help with NGINX just ask me.


Yeah but that’s just a bit weird to send your clients to your direct competitor site that got better tuts than you. Anyway, i think there should be some one really nicely done tuts per image on scaleway.
Like for the LEMP how to start with it with a few optional things (SSH, FTP) not more. Then you could send people on google.
But don’t get me wrong, for the price i get, i think it’s ok to google :wink:


Hi @julien

First of all I do not work for Scaleway. DigitalOcean Tutorials are made by the Community. You need to know that our Community needs to be bigger and more active to provide extensive Tutorials.

How about you create one? :smile:

Do not get me wrong, but you are responsible to learn the basics of Linux (SSH, FTP [Actually, there is a Topic about FTP/SFTP here just use the search] etc.).

Linux Basics “L”
Beginner’s Guide NGINX “E”
MariaDB Basics “M” - Should work for MySQL
Getting Started PHP “P”

If you need future help just ask :smile:

Edit: Maybe we should create a Tutorial called “Getting started with Linux”, right?