Load balancer


hi guys,
I guess the title is straight, can we have a load balancer for our instances?

with regards

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Would be nice to have a LB, but the question was already asked a few times before.
Its seems however not to be on the agenda of Scaleway. They focus on providing just cheap servers and not cloud provider like functionality.


DO, linode and all the others are adding it,
so why not


I’m just using an instance installed with HAPROXY dedicated for such usage

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Hi, I’m using HAProxy and it works like a charm.
Even used Nginx in the past, maybe simpler to setup, but really, the twice are really simple to setup.

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Hi there,

We have a new LB product available in early access !
Contact the support team to give it a try for free
read http://lb.preview.scaleway.com/ for more info