Load balancer and kapsule


Where i can find some documentation about how to setup kapsule with auto scale ability of instances amount ??

As well, is it possible to connect to my load balancer more than 2 instances?
Will it be possible with load balancer to scale up(to add more automatically) more instances to get more power?

Is it possible to use kapsule as scale up and down my insurances and same time have load balancer connecting to the servers? How may i set it up?

Is there any documentation of best practices of setting up scaleway load balancer thru console?

Correct me if im wrong, with scaleway console i can create kapsule and there i saw auto scale which possible to setup.
How about load balancer? How do i connect it to my instances?! Is the answer like: create by scaleway console load balancer and then on section “Select an Ips” i just choose the instances i want to use with my load balancer???


Hello! You can use the built in kubernetes load balancer (https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/access-application-cluster/create-external-load-balancer/) that will create and set up a Scaleway load balancer automatically and point it to all the nodes. (It will also update the ips on scale up/scale down)




Thanks for the link.
Im very new to kubernetes.
Could you provide a guide with some more detail information? Maybe a video or more images?

I understood with that, this content should be added to my kubernetes service configuration file:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
name: example-service
app: example
- port: 8765
targetPort: 9376
externalTrafficPolicy: Local
type: LoadBalancer

But, where is the service configuration file located?

Is it possible to configure load balancer from scaleway console?