Load balancer / ACL



I’m using a load-balancer instance in front of my server (TCP: 80/443) and configured ACLs on it but looks like it does not work as I expect…

When I check the ACL everything looks fine: “deny” action, “ip_subnet” list OK, port OK.
Searched for the denied IPs, I can find it in the list as expected.
I also tried various combinations from the Web GUI (allow + unless / disallow + if).

I’m using an external connection (no custom /etc/hosts config).

But: the load-balancer’s still forwarding requests like no ACL is configured.
I waited for like 1h thinking it could take some time to be effective.
Also tried to create a new one on another account with another dedicated server behind, nothing…

Do guys have some ideas what’s going on?

Tried it few weeks ago before ACLs were manageable via the Web GUI, everything was working great from what I remember.

Thank you!