Linux-Beginner - I need some clarification about the Ubuntu Xenial-Image


Hi there

I’m a Linux beginner - a few years ago I installed Ubuntu on my laptop for a few weeks. I had to google nearly everything I wanted to do, but it went smooth then. Finally I missed my Windows tools and went back to Windows again.

Now, with the scaleway image I have nothing but troubles. Most commands are not known so I have to install nearly everything, allthough my googling is all regarding Ubuntu 16.04, the found HowTos doesn’t fit without difficulty.

And I simply don’t get, where the differences are (I got it, that it comes without desktop - but it seems to come without a bunch of everything else, too).

So my questions are:
What is it for a “special VPS” Ubuntu Xenial version that is offered in this image?
Can I make the VPS-Image to a standard Ubuntu? How?
If I upgrade to “Developer” is there maybe an image in the hub that fits my needs?

Sorry, for beeing absolutely noob :frowning: I’m trying for two weeks now. In the end everything is running somehow, but always with a “but not perfect”. And I simply don’t have the time for so much research. :sweat: