Lack of support even with reporting to Managers 4 times


I have an ongoing issue with Scaleway, simple firewall rules which we can not resolve. I have used their ticket reporting tool to escalate the matter to a manager 4 TIMES and still unable to get anywhere.

We are on the 4th day of not getting anywhere and the support team do not take me seriously, as can be seen from their latest flippant comment, and take between 6 - 13 hours to reply.

Can someone please get in touch and let me know a human being in the Scaleway chain that will take me seriously? The owner should know what lack of support is being offered.



Now just got asked what the problem is by the person who first tried helping me 4 days ago. Nothing has changed in that time and no Intervention by a manager.

Can I please have manager get Involved?




I am sorry to hear you have an issue with our assistance team. Can you please send me your ticket ID so we can check your issue?