[Issue] Can't login to console.scaleway.com



I can’t login to the admin console, either with login/password or requesting a magic link, it says : Error: Internal error

I event tried to reset password but it says : Request failed with status code 500

Tried also with scaleway-cli : e[31mFATAe[0m[0017] cannot execute ‘login’: [500] maybe your email or your password is not valid

I’m sure of my password, but haven’t logged in the console for a long time, i do have one server up and working.

my email for the account is : labandeanoudenou@gmail.com

Can’t open support ticket either…cause i can’t login…

Can someone please help ?




I am sorry to hear that you had an issue when connecting to your account. Indeed, there was an issue earlier this morning which has been fixed:

Let us know if you still have any issue when logging into your account.



indeed it works now, thanks